That’s a Wrap: Our Three-Month Internship at SmartBear in Galway!
#lifeatsb | Posted September 24, 2018

Following their one week recap of their internship at SmartBear in Galway, our interns have completed their three month program with SmartBear and check out each of their indvidual enteries below: 

Niamh Gilligan: Sprint planning, SwaggerHub and Agile

39747250_321538495283298_5182738071170318336_n.jpgSmartBear provided me with the opportunity to learn and experience the agile software process. I got the chance to contribute to all aspects of the software development process; sprint planning, stand-ups, retrospectives etc. I got the chance to work on the On-Prem team of SwaggerHub. It was a pleasure to part of the On-Prem (featuring DevOps) team who showed me the ropes around SmartBear. We got the chance to contribute to sprint work by taking Jira tickets, from this we were able to apply and expand our knowledge in React, JavaScript , Java, Selenium, Ubuntu , Docker. The teams were extremely helpful, answering any questions we had.

I also expanded my experience when I got the opportunity to join the SDES team who are focused on the Front-End design of SwaggerHub. While on the SDES team I got the chance to be part of project SUIT. This is a tool-kit for SmartBear so that they do not have to rely on react-bootstrap. During this I got a deeper understanding of React and JavaScript. Thanks to Gerald and Wes for their support with this project – it was such a fun experience!  I am extremely thankful to SmartBear for giving me this opportunity and gain real experience in the software development world.

Bartlomiej Zaucha: Thinking like a Developer rather than a Student!

Reflecting on my time spent in Smart Bear, I could not be happier with the experience I’ve gained and connections I’ve made along the way. The past three months allowed me to continue to grow as a Software Developer and with the help of people here the progress I’ve made is enormous.

During my internship I learned how an agile environment operates. It was great opportunity to be involved with everything that goes on from daily stand ups to sprint planning. I was involved in many different projects and exposed to various interesting technologies. Being surrounded by so many great developers allowed my programming skills to jump to the next level. I feel my overall approach has changed to think more like a developer rather than a student.

In conclusion I’ve had an amazing time in SmartBear and would recommend it to everyone. Although it is hard work, having the Bearcave allows everyone to have a break and relax. Also, there is always something fun going on in the office like the Summer event or having kids from Coder Dojo for a day.  I am grateful to SmartBear for giving me an opportunity to join them and helping me make the most of the past 3 months.


Krisztian Nagy: Manual Testing, Automated Testing and New Processes!

Well, the three months flew away quick and loads happened during this time. We have been fully involved with one of the groups on the Development team which allowed us to work on their sprint and then had tickets assigned to us. This is huge!  We experienced how is it to work in a professional team environment. We had our daily stand up meetings, progress sessions and end of sprint demos, where every team demonstrates the work they have done the past two weeks. The product we worked on is the SwaggerHub. As I was the part of STEAM team I have worked on new features/designs of the organisation and billing parts of the web app, which was pretty cool!

39589160_2616015131757595_6587317145762267136_n.jpgDuring the three month internship, I have acquired a large amount of skills in working as part of a team and various areas like: manual testing, automated testing, how to own a ticket and translate it into code/feature on a development environment and how to deliver quality into a live environment. I even managed to translate a tool they use on Mac to work on Windows, which will help developers to test other developers code in docker containers on windows, quicker and easier. In addition, I figured out how to run the frontend development environment on windows and document the process (this was only possible within a virtual machine or with errors during installation).  

One day we had these kids from Coderdojo in Galway visit our office for a training day. We were assigned two-two to mentor and help them go through a set of tasks within a time given time frame. It was quite nostalgic to see the kids starting to develop their skills and enjoy a bit of programming. I think I was even the same age when I started with HTML and that’s what they did now as well.

Over all I say my time spent here was great, I really enjoyed it. The people were super friendly. Like literally everyone! They helped me to learn a lot about agile and programming processes in general. I will certainly miss this place.

Tara O’Kelly; Continuously Evolving!

The experience of working at SmartBear for the summer has been extremely rewarding. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be included in the development team working on the SwaggerHub project.

I was impressed with the development process from the beginning. As time went on, it was also valuable to see how persistent the team are to continuously evolve and better their Software Development Lifecycle process.

SmartBear were very encouraging our involvement in project work, regardless of our limited time with them. They also welcomed our participation in company events like their annual hackathon and even organized a CoderDojo session for us interns to work with creative, fun, tech savvy kids.

All in all, SmartBear has left me with many memorable experiences, from working as a part of a team and in company events. Most notably of the experiences, I appreciate the interesting people I have met and worked with here at SmartBear, fellow interns and experienced staff alike.


As mentioned throughout their entries, some of the interns mentioned their involvement with our CoderDojo event, where we invited our local CoderDojo group into our office and dedicate a day to learning code and exploring technology in an informal, fun, creative, and social environment. Here is their recap of the event overall;

During our time here at SmartBear, we received the opportunity to work with children aged between 9-14 years old from a local CoderDojo group. CoderDojo is a global volunteer led community of free programming clubs for young people who are tech savvy. We all agreed this was a great experience for them as in secondary schools here in Ireland, there is not much opportunity to get a real insight into the life of a Software Developer from a young age – well when we were in school, we never had the chance to get involved in coding! Because of this, we believe the work and time volunteers put into the CoderDojo group is very important and it makes a huge difference for these young coders!

The children brought a fun and youthful element to the office as they got the opportunity to explore and take pictures for a virtual tour of our office here in Galway. They took lots of photographs posing with yoga balls, hanging out in our kitchen and even one of a SmartBear employee demonstrating his coffee machine skills! However, they weren’t just interested in taking pictures around the office, they created their tours with HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then demoed their creative masterpieces to other SmartBears around the office (who were very impressed!). It was great to hear some feedback from the group leaders and parents of the children that they really enjoyed coming into SmartBear and would consider studying computer science / software development in college. It was so fulfilling to be part of, and we all really enjoyed it – so much so, that we would love to investigate into local clubs where we can volunteer from time to time! This is one experience we will never forget.

Thank you to all of our interns; Bart, Kris, Tara and Niamh and best of luck in the next chapter!  


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