SmartBear's Community Service Day at Rosie's Place
#lifeatsb | Posted October 05, 2018

Rosie’s Place was the first women’s shelter created in the United States. They not only provide shelter, but they also serve meals and help around 12,000 women each year through “wide-ranging support, housing and education services.”

Every day, groups of 10 to 15 people volunteer at Rosie’s to serve the homeless and poor women. Today, a team of 14 SmartBear volunteers were ready to serve and make a positive impact!


The team was divided into different food stations and each volunteer focused on a specific task - from arranging food trays and tables, to cooking and serving the food directly to these lovely women. Once lunch was over, SmartBear employees concluded the day by cleaning and rearranging the kitchen area.

“I love it here”, says Anthony Williams, Assistant Manager at Rosie’s Place. “Here it’s all about the reward, not the pay-check”.

The environment they create at Rosie’s Place is very welcoming, impactful, and satisfying. You notice the smiles of these hungry women when they come into the dining room and their gratefulness when they say “thank you” before they leave.

Michele Chausse, Director of Communications at Rosie’s Place, has been working there for six years and she appreciates new volunteers every day. “We rely on volunteers, we could not function without them. Having a corporate friend like SmartBear is very valuable for us.”


Coming here today was undoubtedly rewarding for the team. As Michele says, “It’s a win-win.” Volunteers feel fulfilled with this extremely meaningful and positive experience, while workers at Rosie’s Place are thankful to know that they are making these women happy and giving them what they need each day.

With volunteering, we learn that even small actions can have a big impact, and that’s why at SmartBear we encourage our employees to participate in these enriching activities. SmartBear provides employees with one paid community service day each year. They also organize countless opportunities around the world like this one for employees to participate and encourage them to volunteer on their own as well.

We hope you get a chance to volunteer at Rosie’s Place and make a positive impact on these women.

To keep up with the team, follow us on Twitter @SmartBear and on Instagram @smartbear_software.


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