SmartBear at APIStrat Austin 2015
#lifeatsb | Posted November 16, 2015

It's an interesting time of year! Holiday rush on your APIs is beginning, plans for the new year are forming, and API leaders are converging on Austin for API Strategy and Practice, November 18-20.

I personally will be staying in a van down by the river, because...well...just look at it. Awesome. But seriously, some of the best and the brightest thinkers in the API space come to listen, speak, and have all sorts of great conversations, together. There's only one trailer, only one SmartBear, and there's definately only one APIStrat Austin 2015.

SmartBear has four things for you in prep:

  • If you are a student in the local area and want a comp ticket, the first two replies to this tweet get you in for free!
  • Catch Ton'y Tam's workshop "Focus on API Workflow" to hear about API-first processes, Swagger, and the Open API Initiative
  • Join Paul Bruce to discuss "API Strategy: The Next Generation" and how much testing and monitoring future APIs really need
  • Find us at our booth, and if you would like to schedule a time to chat, just DM Tony (@fehguy) or Paul (@paulsbruce) on Twitter
  • If you haven't signed up already, take 20% off, courtesy of SmartBear with this promo code!

Seriously, we can't wait for those of you who will be there to come by the booth, talk with Tony, talk with Paul and the rest of our team! We'll be covering as much of the event as possible, so stay tuned to #APIStrat


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