SmartBear Academy: Complimentary April Training Classes Announced
#lifeatsb | Posted March 31, 2017

We’re ready to spring into April and are excited to announce our SmartBear Academy training classes. If you’re new to SmartBear Academy, learn more about our program that trained more than 10,000 customers last year and sign up for a class below.

This month, we’re wrapping up our quarterly advanced classes for Secure Pro and ServiceV Pro along and continuing with our monthly 101 product classes.  We will be announcing the next round of advanced training classes later this month – be sure to keep an eye out!


SmartBear Academy April Schedule

Tuesday April 4th 10:00am EST – 11:00am EST: TestComplete 101

  • Training led by Albert Yu, SmartBear Technical Engineer

Wednesday April 5th 9:30am EST – 10:30am EST: ServiceV Pro 202

  • Training led by Gail Shlanksy, SmartBear Director of API Products

Tuesday April 11th 10:00am EST – 11:00am EST: QAComplete 101

  • Training led by Param Chopra, SmartBear Technical Engineer

Wednesday April 12th 10:00am EST -11:00am EST: AlertSite 101

  • Training led by John Lucania, SmartBear Technical Engineer and Pat Encina, SmartBear Account Manager

Thursday April 13th 10:00am EST-11:00am EST: Secure Pro 101

  • Training led by Gail Shlansky, SmartBear Director of API Products

Tuesday April 18th 10:00am EST- 11:00am EST: Collaborator 101

  • Training led by Dan Karlin, SmartBear Technical Engineer

Wednesday April 19th 9:00am EST – 11:30am EST: SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, Secure Pro, ServiceV Pro 101

  • Training led by Temil Sanchez, SmartBear Technical Engineer

Thursday April 27th 10:00am EST -11:00am EST: LoadComplete 101

  • Training led by Mike Punsky, FTL Metrics President


Do you have topics you would like to see us cover? Would you like to be a future guest trainer?  Send us a note, we would love to hear from you!


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