My Experience as a Co-Op at SmartBear
#lifeatsb | Posted July 28, 2017

Today is my last day working at SmartBear. I am sitting at my desk, and the realization that a huge part of my life will now be changed is slowly washing over me. These familiar faces and the warm smiles that greeted me every morning of my 7-month co-op will never be forgotten.

[caption id="attachment_23508" align="alignnone" width="2048"] My coworkers and I repping Swagger at TechJam.[/caption]


I wanted to take this time to reflect on my experience at SmartBear and go into detail about what a co-op or intern can expect while working here. First of all, if you are considering working at SmartBear, DO IT.    

Corporate culture was pivotal in my decision on where to work, and SmartBear has a fabulous culture. The second you walk into the office, you can feel the positive vibe and hear music bumping from the sales floor and laughs and chatter beginning to bubble up around the office. I have never met a group of people who is so willing to help and answer absolutely any question, from defining how to run API REST tests, to giving me tips about the best restaurants in Boston. Due to our open floor plan and "interrupt driven" workplace, you can (and will) walk up to anyone, from the CEO, to a colleague on your team, to ask questions or chat. 

[caption id="attachment_23509" align="alignnone" width="5472"] My coworker Nick and I at a team building Formula 1 Racing event. I got third place![/caption]


On top of the people and culture being so open, my boss was extremely supportive and open to allowing me to take on new projects. I was hired by SmartBear as a Digital Marketing co-op, and my main focus here was running our social media channels. My day-in-the-life consisted of creating posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our many Twitter handles. On top of that, I would copyedit, write, and publish blogs, create graphic designs, edit webinars, take photos, and more.    

My boss encouraged me to meet with everyone on the marketing team in order to gain a broad understanding of the field, and then to pursue the area that interested me the most. When I told her I thought PPC was fascinating, she told me to meet with our PPC guru as often as I wanted (as long as my other tasks were complete) and by the end of my co-op, I had helped set up campaigns, created a LinkedIn campaign for my coworker, and launched my own Facebook campaign.   

[caption id="attachment_23510" align="alignnone" width="5472"] Saint Patrick's Day pride![/caption]


This ability to take on any project that interested me was not uncommon at SmartBear. I hit the ground running and was given the freedom to follow my passions. Although my job position was primarily focused on social media, I can truly say I have learned so much about all aspects of marketing, and am a more dynamic employee because of it.

One such project that ended up being my favorite piece of work at SmartBear was creating our company’s career video. I had never used video editing software, had never filmed a video, and had no idea how to set up studio lights, microphones etc. but due to the unwavering support of my manager, we were able to create a final product that I am extremely proud of. I have since made three more videos for the company. 

I promise that SmartBear will not give you a typical co-op/intern experience. This will not just be a place to come, clock in your hours, and leave. SmartBear invests in the growth and development of all of their employees. They support you in your passions, they push you to do your best, and they are a team of extremely intelligent, driven people. I am, and always will be a proud member of the SmartBear family. Find out how you can become one too: 


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