Looking Ahead to a Big Week at Microsoft Build 2017
#lifeatsb | Posted May 09, 2017

We are excited to be joining 5,000+ software professionals from around the Microsoft ecosystem in Seattle, Washington for Microsoft Build 2017, May 10-12.

Microsoft Build is Microsoft’s annual developer conference, and has become the place that developers come together to learn about new technologies and exciting plans on the horizon for Microsoft.

What brings us to Microsoft Build?

We are honored to have been accepted as a sponsor at this year’s event. As a leading provider of software quality tools for teams, SmartBear has been a long-time partner of Microsoft, and has invested in building new integrations with the Microsoft tooling ecosystem — including Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, TFS, and more.

At this year’s show, we will be demonstrating three of our automated testing solutions: automated UI testing with TestComplete, API readiness with ReadyAPI, and cloud-based browser testing with CrossBrowserTesting.

We will also be doing live demonstrations of code review in Visual Studio with our code review and document review tool, Collaborator.

Bringing Swagger to Microsoft Build

We are also excited to be representing Swagger and SwaggerHub at this year’s show. The Swagger Framework has gained significant adoption from developers working in the Microsoft Ecosystem, and we are proud to work with the Microsoft team as part of the OpenAPI Initiative, which works to establish a vendor-neutral description format for RESTful APIs, based on the original Swagger specification.

This is also our first year showcasing SwaggerHub at Microsoft Build. Last year, the SwaggerHub Team launched an integration with Microsoft Azure API Management, and we look forward to connect with API teams that use Azure to deploy and manage APIs.

What the SmartBear Team is looking forward to at Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build is the best event to find out about what new innovations are on the horizon for the tools in the Microsoft ecosystem.

We are looking forward to hearing the latest news from Microsoft tools, like Visual Studio, TFS, and Azure, which SmartBear customers trust to build, host, and design applications. Some of the topics we’ll be keeping our eye on at Build this year include:

  • The future of the Microsoft Cloud: Microsoft made headlines last month after reporting record growth for its cloud-computing platform, Microsoft Azure. We’re looking forward to hearing from Corey Sanders, Head of Product for Azure Compute, as he lays out the roadmap for the Azure cloud platform. And to hearing the latest on Service Fabric, and what the future looks like for microservices and containers in Microsoft Azure.
  • JavaScript deep dives: Microsoft Build has become known for its sessions focused on JavaScript, and the popular frameworks being used by top software teams. We’re looking forward to hearing about the latest tools for building applications with JavaScript from the Microsoft team. And we will be tuning in to hear from speakers from Facebook, who will be looking at React and GraphQL, and speaking about how these frameworks helped them build some of the world’s most popular applications. We’re also looking forward to hearing from Google, and how the Angular team uses Typescript to develop at scale inside Google.
  • The latest in APIs from Microsoft: We’re big admirers of the work being done by the team at Microsoft on projects like the Microsoft Graph API, which unifies Microsoft cloud services data and its associated insights and intelligence under one single end point. We’re looking forward to hearing all the cool work that’s being done with Microsoft Graph. But the learning opportunities for API teams won’t stop there. We’re looking forward to hearing what’s next for other popular APIs, like the Bing Search APIs, at sessions like: Build intelligence into your business apps with ease using Bing APIs in Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Connect with the SmartBear team at Microsoft Build

Most of all, we’re excited to have the opportunity to connect with thousands of developers throughout the week at Microsoft Build.

You can find us at Booth 133 in the Expo Tuesday – Friday. We’ll be doing live demos of our software quality solutions, and showcasing how each tool works with the Microsoft platforms your team trusts. And of course, we’ll have plenty of giveaways and raffles throughout the week, so stop by, say hi, and meet the team.

Can’t make it to Microsoft Build? Follow us on Twitter to get the latest from Microsoft Build @SmartBear.


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