Day in the Life: Sales Engineer in Galway, Ireland
#lifeatsb | Posted February 27, 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Martin McDonagh. I joined Smartbear as a Technical Sales Engineer in our Galway office in June 2016. My time with SmartBear has brought me new opportunities every day to work with some of the world’s largest companies, great software and of course, great people!

As a Technical Sales Engineer, I work with pretty much all areas of the business- from Sales, to product, to marketing, and many more. It makes it so much easier to get to know people, and them to know you. This is one of the best parts of my job!

Day to day, I work on product demonstrations, technical calls, and webinars. I also provide technical content for our marketing team.

Last Friday I had the honour of taking over our Instagram account to give our followers a glimpse of what life at SmartBear is like. Take a look below to see what my average Friday is like!

First thing in the morning I like to start with a coffee. We get fresh beans delivered to the office each week, which sets me up for the day ahead. Every Wednesday we get breakfast delivered to our Galway office. The granola is awesome! Wednesday has turned into one of my favorite days now- after Friday of course.

I’ll usually have a coffee and breakfast in the office with my colleagues first thing in the morning to get us started for the day. I’ll then discuss with the Sales Reps any product demonstrations we have during the day.

Each week we deliver webinars to 1000s of people across the world with our SmartBear Academy classes. Damien and I are all set to go.

SmartBear runs lots of webinars across 3 different timezones, and we in Galway deliver webinars from our awesome studio! The goal of SmartBear Academy is to provide an overview of our products, and training to customers and people interested in our software. We also run webinars on specific topics each month. Some of our recent webinars include,“6 Ways to Measure the ROI of Automated Testing”, “Taking the Complexity out of REST API Testing” and “End to End Testing”. Most people know I like to talk, and I like all things tech/software- so delivering webinars on cool and interesting topics is one of my favorite parts of my job!

At lunch time, my colleagues and I like to get a game of doubles ping pong in. I am usually on the winning team!

Since we opened our new office in Galway last January, the ping pong table is a favourite spot. Our lunch time games allow us to do an activity and get a break from the desk. Ping pong is our favorite way to unwind during or after a nice lunch break or even a quick game at 3pm.

One of the main parts of the Sales Engineer role are presentations, be it product demos, webinars or speaking at conference. On Fridays we run a Galway Toastmasters session to practice our presentations on a topic from my colleague Damien’s “wheel of topics”. During this meetup we get together to talk about the past week and what we have done, what we can do better and have a general chat to finish off the week feeling awesome!

Working at SmartBear allows employees to be innovative, creative, and technical. We get to focus on presentation skills, work with great tools and people, and work in a great tech start-up culture in the heart of the City of the Tribes, Galway.

Do you think this sounds like you? We're hiring in our Galway office! Check out our careers page to learn more, and visit us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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