Introducing CucumberStudio: The Platform for BDD Collaboration at Scale
  December 10, 2019

Earlier this year, Cucumber Ltd, the most widely adopted toolset for teams practicing Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and the leader in BDD training and thought leadership, joined the SmartBear family.

The acquisition of Cucumber came less than a year after HipTest, the leading BDD collaboration platform for teams, joined SmartBear in 2018.

At that time, we previewed some exciting plans to bring Cucumber and HipTest together to create the most comprehensive solution for BDD out there and continue to evolve the extensive BDD support already offered in our existing test automation and test management tools like TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and Zephyr for Jira.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are officially bringing Cucumber and HipTest together under a unified brand with the launch of CucumberStudio and a new and improved website!

What is CucumberStudio?

CucumberStudio enables teams to get the most value out of their BDD scenarios through deep collaboration. CucumberStudio will maintain the core functionality and user experience of the original HipTest platform with a number of new enhancements from Cucumber to support BDD workflows. The first of these new enhancements is a new project type based on Git.

In the new CucumberStudio platform, teams can:

  • Unlock your Single Source of Truth: Seamless Git integration means your BDD documentation is always up to date.
  • Enable Frictionless Collaboration: CucumberStudio empowers the whole team to read and refine executable specifications without needing technical tools. Business and technology teams can collaborate on acceptance criteria and bridge their gaps.
  • Publish Living Documentation: See your team’s feature files rendered as beautiful, easily understood documentation, automatically verified with every developer check-in.
  • Implement Agile Test Management: Automated tests build confidence and trust across the team. Give all stakeholders visibility into testing activity and results with analytics built for modern agile organizations.

As BDD becomes more popular with teams looking to make their agile and DevOps processes more efficient, this latest release represents Cucumber’s evolution into a broader suite of capabilities. CucumberStudio is a commercial product that creates a direct relationship between acceptance criteria, tests to validate those criteria, and the living documentation of your application and its capabilities. An online hub for BDD tooling and education

In addition to the launch of CucumberStudio, we are also excited to announce a new online hub for BDD training and tools:!

Over the last few months, we’ve worked with the Cucumber team on major improvements to the Cucumber website. We did a ground-up rebuild to make it easier for you to find the tools and resources you need. You can now explore all the Cucumber tools in one place, and find our newest articles, podcasts, videos, and more on the new Cucumber blog. And we’ve kept some of the things that the community liked most about the website, including making it easy to contribute and provide feedback to the Cucumber documentation.

What can the Cucumber community expect in the future?

Users can expect continued investment in the open source Cucumber toolset, as well as new tooling to support teams practicing BDD. Earlier this year, we launched the first new product from the combined HipTest and Cucumber teams — Cucumber for Jira! Over the next year, our newly combined team will be working together and learning from the Cucumber community, as we continue to evolve the Cucumber toolset. 

You can also expect even more BDD training and education with the relaunch of Cucumber School on

What can SmartBear users expect in the future?

We’ve already been working with the Cucumber team to understand how we can learn from their BDD expertise and identify opportunities to evolve our other software quality tools. In addition to investments in the Cucumber platform, SmartBear continues to innovate in the areas of test automation and execution for agile and DevOps teams using Jira. These innovations include a new Zephyr for Jira native integration, the ability to render Gherkin specifications inside Jira projects, and new Jira integrations with TestComplete, SoapUI Pro and CrossBrowserTesting.

Keep an eye out for future announcements about new BDD support in TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, SoapUI Pro, Zephyr for Jira, and other SmartBear tools in 2020. 

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