Test Management 101: Integrations make continuous integration go ‘round

  September 03, 2020

Launching test automation tools in real time is an essential requirement for testers. That way all your results populate in a one-stop shop for continuous integration. Zephyr Enterprise allows you to integrate with Jira, Confluence, Crowd, and LDAP, continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Bamboo, and automation tools like Selenium and QTP/UFT. These diverse integrations enable you to realize the full benefits of these integrated, best-of-breed systems. 

Here are a few key integrations available in Zephyr Enterprise:  

Sample ZIPS 

A ZIP or a Zephyr Interceptor Program is an extension to the execution utility of a ZBot. It’s used to intercept the default execution flow of automation scripts in order to perform customized actions. While ZBots come pre-packaged with a default ZIP, you can also write a custom ZIP. Currently, ZIPs written in JAVA are supported.  

Jenkins CI integrations

Zephyr Test Management Plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins and Zephyr. This plugin creates test cases and publishes test results in Zephyr for JUnit test cases in Jenkins. 

Bamboo CI integrations

Zephyr Add-on for Bamboo is an add-on Bamboo Test Task that allows you to sync test cases and publish test results in real time to Zephyr. Bring all your continuous integration and automation results into one place. 

Check back in with us for our next installment of the Test Management 101 blog series, where we will cover Behavior-driven development (BDD) in test management tooling. If you missed the first entry on Jira project management, you can find it here.

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