Have Some Fun with ASCII Art
  December 25, 2013

ASCII art is probably as old as the use of ASCII itself, and unless you create it by typing each letter manually without a generator, I'm hard pressed to even call it art.  However, like those silly Skype emoticons, there is something fun about it that has me playing around with it from time to time.

Here are a couple of images I've generated into ASCII.  You should try it too, because if your grandmother is anything like mine, she's never encountered ASCII art before and it'll blow your mind if you show it to her.  Check this out:


How did I do that, you may ask?  Well, it actually took me about 10 seconds to generate that image of the SmartBear logo.  If you look around the Internet, it's not hard to find these generators.  This one was made with the ASCII generator on Springfrog.com.  Using their generator, you can convert images to text, but, as you can see, the text still maintains the form of the image in a mosaic display of characters.  The one below is of Greg Mooney's weiner dog, Niko:

The picture seems a little blurry at first glance, but zoom out all the way and you'll see the image come together. And the good thing about the generator is that it includes color. Honestly, will an ASCII generator ever come in handy? Who knows. But it's definitely entertaining.

For those of you eagerly awaiting the Doctor Who Christmas special, I present to you the terrifying ASCII-Dalek:



For those of you in colder climates (such as myself-- brr!) you can warm yourself up using the powers of this ASCII art fireplace and your imagination:


Maybe a pretty beach scene would help.  Feel any warmer yet?




How about the sun? That ought to warm you up quite nicely. Yes. Feel the warmth. Feel the burn:


And as for those of you who are already in warmer climates... I'm very jealous. No ASCII art for you. Okay fine, that was a little mean. Here are some ASCII art generators that you can experiment with; each one is a little different.  Have fun with it!  Once you start, you'll have a hard time stopping.

And of course, feel free to share your ASCII art with us, with or without the use of a generator!

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