Disruption Brings Progress
  July 12, 2013

Throughout history, disruptors have been the drivers of change. They are the people or things that stop us in our tracks and make us genuinely pay attention to what is happening around us. And there's probably no field in history that these disruptors are quite as prevalent as in the software industry.

In the midst of the constant and deafening noise on the Internet, how do you become a disruptor? It becomes increasingly difficult in a space, like mobile, that has become such a buzzword across the Web.

The question of mobile disruption was the theme of the MassTLC Mobile Summit, held earlier this week in Boston. The summit featured talks by Rich Miner, who joined Google via the  Android acquisition and is now running Google Ventures for the tech giant, and Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio and creator of Angry Birds. Check out my Storify below to see exactly what the speakers had to say about becoming disruptors, and how the audience responded to their words of wisdom.


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