We Believe in Code Review
Develop | Posted August 28, 2009

It might be self-evident that since Smart Bear sells a code review tool that we would be believers in the value of doing peer code review. But do we believe in it enough to advocate it even if it does not involve using our product?

I had a recent exchange on Twitter with Aleksey Dmitriyev where he sort of posed that question. He was responding to my tweet of pointers to two of our white papers.  (I had tweeted that to him in response to his tweet that mentioned code review steps.)

He asks a fair question. If you look at our page of white papers, you will see product-related material, including customer success stories.

But if you look at the section titled "Code Review Info and Tips," you'll find materials that are more about code review in general, not our product. In our Best Practices for Peer Code Review white paper the focus is on tips that can be used regardless of whether you use our product. A sidebar in that paper mentions our product because it was used to conduct a study about peer code review at Cisco, which in turn was used for creating some of the tips in the white paper.

So yes, there are occasional mentions of our product in our materials, but we also write about code review in general on this blog. Further, in the free book on code review that we make available, there is extensive information from studies of code review that did not involve using Code Collaborator.

Are we trying to sell our product? Of course. But in the end, we just want developers to do code review because we think it is a good idea. If you end up using our tool, great!  If not, we still have useful information available to help.


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