Video: Supreme School Supply makes the grade with AlertSite Web performance monitoring
Develop | Posted June 24, 2010

Earlier this month, at IRCE 2010, we had the opportunity to network with several of our retail customers. In particular, we met with Steve Lubahn, General Manager of Supreme School Supply. It's a provider of school/office supplies, such as lesson plan books, tardy slips, passes, student assignment books, and more.

A few months ago, Steve noticed the bounce rate on his e-commerce site was rising. The home page was taking between five and six seconds to download, and he suspected this was likely driving visitors away before they had a chance to shop. With approximately 20 percent of the company's revenue coming from the online channel, Steve wanted to improve the site's responsiveness and provide a better user experience for shoppers.

After reviewing the Web performance monitoring solutions from AlertSite and several competitors, Steve deemed AlertSite's the most cost-effective and best suited to meet his company's needs. With the ability to overlay performance metrics with Google Analytic's traffic data, Steve could easily correlate how traffic was affecting performance and vice versa.

We don't want to spoil the whole story though! See below for our video interview with Steve. He explains how he's using AlertSite's services to improve Supreme School Supply's website performance.


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