Using the Computer Configuration in ABS 3
Develop | Posted March 05, 2007

When working with the same Automated Build Studio macro on different machines, it is sometimes required to compare the machines' configurations. This can be helpful in investigating the reasons of macro failures that occur due to distinction in hardware or software: resource shortage, missing or incompatible components. This feature can also be used to compare the configuration of the same machine if its components change.

The current computer configuration is embedded into the macro file and contains the following information

  • The computer name.
  • The name and version of the operating system.
  • The number and type of processors.
  • The amount of RAM.
  • The number and versions of the .NET Framework packages.
  • System directories.
  • The number of disks and their volumes.

Information about third-party applications' versions that are used by macro operations is not saved, however Automated Build Studio verifies which application versions are available upon the operation’s start.

Storing the Current Configuration

To update the configuration, perform these steps:

  1. Open the Macro Properties dialog.

    The dialog is invoked by selecting File | Macro Properties from Automated Build Studio’s menu, or by selecting Build Studio | Options | Properties from the main menu of Microsoft Visual Studio (if ABS is integrated with Visual Studio).

  2. Switch to the Computer Configuration tabbed page.
  3. Press the Update button.

Comparing the Stored Configuration with the Current One

The current and stored configurations are displayed in the Verify Configuration dialog. To call it, do the following:

  1. Open the Macro Properties dialog.
  2. Switch to the Computer Configuration tabbed page.
  3. Press the Verify button.

The stored configuration is displayed on the left and the current configuration is displayed on the right side of the dialog window. The unmatched rows are highlighted with a light green color.


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