Using Google Analytics to measure the business impact of poor Web performance
Develop | Posted May 26, 2011

Earlier this week, we announced the availability of our enhanced Google Analytics integration.

The power of this tool lies not only in its diagnostic capabilities, but in its ability to demonstrate a direct causal relationship between technical tweaks and changes to your website and their impact on online consumer behavior and sales. It brings marketing and IT together to give organizations the insight and hard data to make informed decisions about their Web properties and then test the effectiveness of those decisions.

Say you’d like to find out if the speed of your website changes as site traffic increases. Can it withstand heavy streams of visitors like those associated with flash sales or holiday promotions? Overlay Google Analytics visitor data with your Web performance metrics to discover the correlation.

Now you can drill down even further. What kind of user experience are you giving new visitors to your site? Are they leaving with a good first impression or have they abandoned their shopping cart as well as their ambitions to be a repeat customer? Remember, first time visitors to your site might be less forgiving of a slow page load than long-time buyers who have already developed loyalty to your brand.

What about sales and revenue? You can now overlay Google Analytics’ e-commerce metrics like average order value or total transaction revenue with your Web performance data to see how click-through rates and purchase size fluctuate with response time. Does average order value or quantity of items per purchase vary with website performance? Do shoppers buy more when they can navigate through your product pages quickly?

Google Analytics integration gives you the insight to answer these questions (and more) as well as a benchmark to which you can compare future sales and Web performance. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to try it out.


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