Using ALMComplete on Agile Projects
Develop | Posted July 22, 2011

One question that gets asked a lot is if Agile teams can use ALMComplete to manage their Agile software projects.  The answer is "Heck Yes!" In fact, our team has been using ALMComplete and Agile for over 5 years, and I can't imagine running my sprints without it. 

According to Forrester, about 35% of all software teams worldwide use Agile so we designed ALMComplete to work equally well for Agile and Waterfall teams. You just have to set it up in a way that works for the chosen methodology.

OK, so how does it work?  First of all you create your User Stories. These go into the Requirements area of ALMComplete.  Then you organize your User Stories into Product Backlog, Releases and Agile Sprints.  If you want to track Story Points, use a custom field to track for each User Story.

Once you have your User Stories defined for your sprint, create a project plan using our wizards.  Once the project plans are defined, team members can see their tasks on our Virtual Task Board and you can inspect burn down, resource allocation and velocity charts from the dashboard.  These are done to help your team easily track your progress.

If you want to get your testing team involved, have them organize their test cases by Sprint -- this gives them the ability to view run history sprint by sprint. Since defect integration is built in, they can automatically create defects as test cases fail, making their testing process more Agile.  If you use JIRA or other supported bug tracking systems, ALMComplete can synchronize with those systems letting your development team keeping using their tool of choice while the testing team uses ALMComplete to track their stuff.

Lastly, Agile relies on transparency and great communication.  ALMComplete fosters this by providing the ability to share documents online and allowing teams to communicate with discussion forums.

OK, so your wheels are turning but you can't quite envision all this stuff.  No worries, I got your back.  Here is a quick demonstration showing how to manage agile projects using ALMComplete:

Here is where you may find additional details on our application lifecycle management tool.


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