User Oriented Reports
Develop | Posted June 02, 2010

(This blog entry is part of a series of entries describing some of the new features in Code Collaborator v6.0. The series content is listed in this entry.)

Our code review tool, Code Collaborator, has extensive reporting features: there are "pre-built" reports where you provide a minimal amount of information (e.g. the Review Detail report, where you just put in a review number) and the "customizable" reports that present a rather large number of options for which data to include, filters to use, sort options, etc.

The customizable reports are available in two flavors: review oriented and defect oriented. In other words, you can see the data organized by review ID or by defect ID. You can filter either type of report by user, but what about when you want to see information about a user of Code Collaborator across multiple reviews?

That was more difficult to achieve, but now v6.0 of Code Collaborator provides a better solution: user oriented customizable reports. These are all essentially the same report, with different default filter values:


These are helpful for finding out, among other things, which users:

  • Belong to which user group
  • Have recently been active
  • Currently have a disabled account
  • Have logged in or out of the system recently

Most of that stuff is primarily of interest to system administrators. There is one additional new user oriented report in v6.0, however, that has broader appeal: the User Detail report. It shows detailed information about a single user: login, full name, time zone setting, user groups (if any), etc.

The most interesting part, however, is that it includes a filter for setting a date range. So if you want to know the total amount of time you have spent participating in reviews during the previous day (or week, or month, etc.) you can set the filter accordingly. The output also includes all reviews in which you participated during that time span:


Note that you can run this report for yourself even if the Code Collaborator administrator has disabled general access to all the other reports; just click the View your Personal Details report in the Main Menu section of your Code Collaborator home page:



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