Updated version of interactive Web performance dashboard now available
Develop | Posted May 10, 2010

This week we introduced the next version of our interactive Web performance dashboard in beta. The updated version has some great new functionality to help display and understand website performance, and is available now to all customers to test drive.

To use the updated beta dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your current dashboard
  2. Expand the yellow "Beta AlertSite Dashboard" link
  3. Click the "Give it a Test Drive" button

This release includes significant upgrades to the general display and reporting functionality, and absorbs all of the content from the traditional Monitoring Console.

Here's the list of the most interesting changes. The newest release:

  • Consolidates all "Monitoring Console" device information into "Dashboard"
  • Includes the ability to navigate directly to device configuration from the Dashboard
  • Features new Security, ServerAgent, and Load Testing tabs
  • Adds the +/- capability to view results by monitoring location
  • Improves default charts display
  • Has new mini-charts (4-wide) functionality
  • Lets users drill down from 25-hour Availability status directly to Detail Report info

There are many other improvements too. And remember, there is a feedback link in the Dashboard. Please submit your input so we can continue to make this functionality even more meaningful to our users.


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