Updated Code Review Integration - ClearCase Remote Client
Develop | Posted August 09, 2011

With the release of CodeCollaborator 6.5, our peer code review tool, we welcome SCM Integration "Number 16 ½" ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC), plus faster file uploads and reporting security enhancements.

Before CCRC workings were made public

CodeCollaborator has always provided integration with IBM Rational’s ClearCase, and many SmartBear customers have at least a few users of the ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC). For ClearCase customers with remotely distributed teams that are unable to use the ClearCase clients, CCRC is vital to collaborating on development. They hoped for CCRC integration in CodeCollaborator, as enterprises promote cross functional collaboration of distributed teams. Unfortunately, the workings of the CCRC client were not public.

Meanwhile, over the years we have continued to expand support for other popular SCM systems. By now, CodeCollaborator integrates with 16 different SCM systems, including four SCMs from IBM alone – ClearCase, Synergy, CMVC, and most recently, Rational Team Concert.

IBM adds command line client for CCRC (rcleartool)

IBM has been focusing on providing an integrated, collaborative software development environment through Rational Team Concert and the Jazz platform, and they continue to enhance their other SCM offerings. Their v7.x releases of ClearCase significantly improved the installation and upgrade process. And last year, the v7.1 release included a command line client for ClearCase Remote Client (rcleartool). That encouraged us, and we looked into whether it could help CodeCollaborator work with CCRC.

Change Management Server API (Team API)

However, it turns out the rcleartool functionality does not match up well with the requirements for doing code review, such as indicating the predecessor version, or getting the content of an arbitrary version of a file. But it utilizes the Change Management Server API (previously referred to as the Team API), which – yay! – IBM has made public. The use of the CM API, and probably rcleartool itself, was more for use by IBM customer engineers, but, the CM API is versatile and functional.

We’ve made use of it to implement the long-awaited CCRC support, which will be available in our v6.5 release. The CCRC support is beta, which really means we know our customers have much more complex and distributed ClearCase installations and environments than we can reproduce. We encourage testing and feedback of the CCRC support. We’ve created this short video to help walk you through configuring the CCRC integration with CodeCollaborator.

So if you’re one of these customers, please meet SCM number 16 ½, CCRC.

More Enhancements

That’s not all we’ve done, of course. In addition to the ClearCase Remote Client integration, CodeCollaborator 6.5 also has:

  • File upload improvements.  Designed for large document reviews and geographically diverse teams with network latency issues, these enhancements can speed up the file upload and review creation by 30%. We’ve also removed the current file size limit of 4MB to make it easier for teams to review large technical documents.
  • Report access security.  For many of our enterprise customers with strict security requirements, such as vendor groups or security clearance levels, we’ve added the ability to have the custom report feature adhere to group settings within CodeCollaborator. Now users can only see reviews in custom reports that are part of their group.

We invite you to pick up a copy of the latest version, or a trial copy of CodeCollaborator 6.5 if you're not yet a customer.


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