Update: Cyber Monday Performance and Sales a Success
Develop | Posted December 01, 2009

Online retailers are pulling out all the stops this year to attract shoppers and boost sales this holiday season. And according to initial Cyber Monday reports, it seems to have paid off. The National Retail Federation reported that sales over the holiday weekend (Thanksgiving Day through Sunday) rose 0.5 percent to $41.2 billion, and Coremetrics Inc. disclosed that Cyber Monday sales rose 14 percent this year.

And yet, despite surging traffic -- an average of 4.3 million North American shoppers visited Web sites every minute yesterday -- performance of major online retailers held steady, with only a few minor issues popping up on sites such as TigerDirect, Kohl's, and BestBuy. Amazon.com experienced a fairly significant slowdown during the 10 p.m. EST hour as well.

Here you can see that for the most part, the response times of online retailers' home pages remained consistent throughout the day. A few sites experienced some blips, but generally, response times were at or below 14 seconds throughout the day. (Click on the graph below to expand.)

Response Times of Major Online Retailers on Cyber Monday


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