Twitter Sick From Too Many Apple Fans
Develop | Posted September 10, 2009

It was recently suggested by my spouse that I might be becoming a bit of an Apple-ista. I have been an enthusiastic iPhone user for almost two years and am truly impressed with the latest rendition. A Macbook Pro has recently been added to the household computing arsenal as well, so there may be some truth to the suggestion. :)


To the dismay of myself and I'm sure many others, it appears that Twitter balked a bit under the load of all those bloggers and tweeters during the music event yesterday. As GigaOM points out in this post, the data shows that at certain points during Steve Job's talk, Twitter was only a little more than 50 percent available. Apple and Steve Jobs were the top trending topics, and I was getting plenty of those dreaded HTTP 503 errors.



It's hard to complain about Twitter availability given the price. However, we all seem to be relying on it more and more for keeping a finger on the pulse of our favorite topics.


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