Try Code Collaborator: Create a Review
Develop | Posted January 09, 2009

Part 2 of 3 in the Fastest Ways to Try Out Code Collaborator series.

You can easily download, install, and configure the Code Collaborator server software. But if you do not want to install any
software, there is an even faster and easier way to try out Code
Collaborator - create your own code review on our
public server. Follow these six steps:

    1. Create an Account. Browse on over to where we have a demo server running.p
      If you do not already have an account, you can create one by filling in the details in the Create New Account section:


    1. Log in.p After you click the Create User button, a message is displayed indicating that your account has been created.p So all you have to do now is fill in your Username and Password in the Login section and click Log In.

    1. Create a Review.After you log in, your Code Collaborator home page is displayed; click the New Review link:


      The Create a Review page displays - fill in a Title(e.g. "Review some code") in the Basic Information section:


      Then scroll down to the Next Steps section and click the Apply button:


    1. Add Files to the Review. You have created a review, but it is not very interesting yet - it has no files to review. Click the Attach File link in the Materials section:


      A dialog pops up and you can specify a text file on your local system.

      IMPORTANT: The server is on the public internet. Do NOT upload any files that are proprietary or confidential.

      Note that if you upload the same file twice, Code Collaborator will display the differences between the two versions. So if for example you have an older version of foo.c, you can upload it and then follow that with an upload of the newer version of foo.c.

      Repeat this step for as many files as you want to add to the review. A much less tedious, automated technique for adding files to a review will be shown in part 3 of this series: Integrate with Version Control.

    1. Invite Some Participants. Scroll up to the Participants section and add yourself as the Author of the review:


      You will also need at least one Reviewer. You can either have one or more friends or coworkers perform step 1 (above) so that they are registered, or there should always be an entry for "Gregg Sporar" and you can just invite me. Either way, after you finish adding the participants, scroll down and click the Apply and Begin Review button.

    1. Start Reviewing. The Review Materials section will now have links to the file(s) you added to the review, for example:


      Click the link for a file to open the Diff Viewer, which is where you can start doing the work of a code review - examine any changes that were made to the file(s), read comments left by others, submit comments, submit defects, etc. To see some of these features demonstrated, watch our five minute demo.

Want an easier way to upload files to a review, including integration with version control systems? Then check out part 3 in this series: Integrate with Version Control.