The Rise of The Developer, Designer, and Software Tester [Infographic]
Develop | Posted November 15, 2013

According to recent reports, between January and June 2012, the technology (or “tech”) industry added nearly 100,000 jobs at a 1.7 percent gain. It has also been reported that by the year 2020, employment in all computer occupations is expected to increase by 22 percent. There are a number of factors that one can point to as evidence for why the tech industry has become such an integral part of the U.S. and world economy.

Thanks to innovations in computer technology, the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, and the widespread adoption of the Internet, more and more people are pursuing careers in the tech industry. In the following infographic, we’re outlining three careers that have played and will continue to play a key role in the overall success of the technology industry. They are: developers, designers, and software testers. To learn more about what it takes to succeed in each of these careers, how much you can expect to make, and what the projected growth of each role is, read through the infographic below.

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