The *Real* Reasons to Use Code Collaborator 6.0
Develop | Posted June 15, 2010

By now you've likely been inundated by our recent blog posts touting the features of Code Collaborator 6.0. But here's a completely different angle on why you should check it out...

  • Increase your "geek cred" by using the latest technology

  • Save trees! Online code review saves paper.

  • Save your sanity! Avoid meetings.

  • If you get it now, you can be the first guy on your block
    to have it.

  • If you attend the 6.0 webinar, you can become the local Code Collaborator guru on all of the newest tweaks.

  • If you get it now and blog about it, we’ll send you a polo
    shirt and some Smart Putty.

  • It’s free! For 30 days at least.

Of course, if you want the technical reasons, you'll find a great list here

We do hope you can join us on June 16 at 12pm CDT for a brand-spanking-new 6.0 webinar, where Gregg will walk you through all of the cool new features... then you don't have to read all of those blogs! Sign up here.


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