TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Web Testing Improvements
Develop | Posted April 15, 2010

Among the numerous improvements in TestComplete 8, there is
one quite useful for users that perform testing of web pages that contain
dynamic controls and menus that change when the mouse hovers over them (without
clicking). During test recording, TestComplete 8 detects mouse hover actions
that cause changes in the contents of the tested web page and automatically
records these actions as calls to the HoverMouse method simulating mouse hovering when playing
back the test.

Earlier versions of TestComplete recorded only mouse clicks
and keystrokes performed within tested web pages during test recording, and mouse
hover actions were not detected and recorded. If the contents of the tested web
page were changed when hovering over the item with the mouse and new objects
were created on the page as a result (for instance, a submenu was invoked on
mouse hovering over a dynamic menu item), TestComplete could not find these
objects during test playback since it did not automatically record mouse hover
actions and did not simulate them during playback and this could lead to test

Previously, the only way to deal with this situation was to manually
insert calls to the HoverMouse
method in the appropriate places of the test to simulate the needed mouse hover
actions during test playbacks. This forced manual correction of tests was inconvenient
and required more time and attention of testers. Now, TestComplete 8
automatically inserts a call to the HoverMouse method in the recorded test when TestComplete
detects a mouse hover action over a dynamic web control or menu.

This feature lets you record more reliable automated tests for
web pages that hold dynamic controls changing on mouse hovering. It frees you
from inserting calls to the HoverMouse
method manually, simplifies testing of dynamic web pages and saves time. If you
are interested in trying TestComplete 8, be sure to apply
for the Beta version


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