TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: UI Improvements
Develop | Posted April 01, 2010

TestComplete’s user interface has been improved in version 8.
The changes make the product even easier to use.
The major improvements include:

  • View modes. Now TestComplete panels and windows that list objects’
    methods and properties display them in two modes: Basic and Advanced.
    The Basic view mode is active by default. It displays the most frequently used
    and important methods and properties of tested objects. The Advanced view
    displays all the available methods and properties of tested objects. The view
    modes help you find the needed properties or methods faster and concentrate on
    the task you perform, but not on searching for the needed methods and properties.
    You can switch between these modes by clicking the links in the member list

  • Quick Search. The Quick Search box in TestComplete v. 8.0 panels now contains a list of
    entries that have been recently sought for. So, you can choose a sought-for expression from the list
    rather than type it again.

    Also, the sought-for text in the found entries is now highlighted in yellow to visually indicate the position of the found text:

    Quick search

  • Updated Recording toolbar:

    The Recording toolbar now has a new design and provides you with new items that make it easier to record tests.
    Here is the toolbar’s new design on Windows Vista and Windows 7:

    Test recording toolbar

    The  Record button now blinks during test recording. This indicates that TestComplete is in recording mode and all of your actions are being recorded.

    The toolbar now also contains a new item that allows you to show or hide its buttons:

    Test recording toolbar

  • Test Playback indicator improvements.

    TestComplete’s indicator now has the Pause and Stop buttons. So, you can easily pause or stop the test run. Like previous versions,
    TestComplete 8 also supports special shortcuts used for pausing and stopping the test run.

    Test run indicator

    Another feature of the indicator is that now it displays the status of the load test execution.

  • Object Browser improvements.

    The Object Properties window has been renamed to Object Spy.
    This window has a new design, which improves the window’s usability.
    The object selection controls have been moved to the top of the window to simplify usage of the controls.
    Also, the controls have a description that explains how to use them.

    Object Spy

We hope that the UI improvements described above will simplify your work with the product
and will help you create automated tests faster. If you are interested in trying these new features, be sure to
apply for the Beta version.


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