TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: New Issue Tracking Support
Develop | Posted April 29, 2010

TestComplete version 8 introduces built-in support for the Axosoft OnTime, Atlassian JIRA and Software Planner issue-tracking systems. This support means you can easily add error reports to these systems directly from TestComplete’s test log.
To do this, you use some new items in the test log's context menu and toolbar:

When you select these items, TestComplete displays special wizards, where you can specify the connection settings to the issue-tracking systems. For instance, below is a sample view of the Software Planner connection settings:

Issue Tracking Connection Settings

You can click Check to validate the connection settings.

After you click OK, TestComplete will open the next page of the dialog, where you can enter additional properties of the created bug report like title, description and other important information (see the image below). Select the Attach Log to Defect check box to attach the current test log to the created error report:

Bug Report Details

After sending the specified information to the issue-tracking system, TestComplete will retrieve and display the identifier of the created error report. You can use this identifier to find and view the created error report in your issue-tracking system.

The described functionality and wizards are implemented as script extensions of the LogAction type. It was introduced in TestComplete 8 and we’ll talk more about it in later post. We just want to note that you can also create your own script extensions for exporting test results and adding reports to issue-tracking systems.

The new approach for submitting bug reports will make it easier to catch and explore errors that occur while the automated test is running. You no longer need to create a bug report manually or use additional applications to do this. TestComplete 8 includes all of the features needed to create and send bug reports. We hope this feature will help you better analyze your automated test results. If you are interested in trying this feature and many others, apply for the TestComplete Beta today.


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