TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Name Mapping Improvements
Develop | Posted April 05, 2010

Last week I told you
about a new way to define and combine identification properties and values for mapped objects that’s been
introduced in the upcoming TestComplete 8.
While this is a top new feature in the Name Mapping subsystem, it’s not the only feature we’ve added.
Here are some other Name Mapping related improvements you’ll find in the new version of TestComplete:

  • Creating mapping templates is now easier. TestComplete 8
    includes a convenient way to create new name mapping templates, and allows you
    to do this at any time (not only while mapping objects, like in the previous
    versions). You can access the template editor by choosing Add Template from
    the context menu of the Name Mapping editor.

  • Refreshing mapped object references at design time. The
    new Refresh command in the Name Mapping editor will come in handy if
    multiple objects in your application under test are mapped to the same name.
    Whenever objects in your AUT (application under test) change while you are
    working on your test project, you can refresh the polymorphic mapped object to
    make it refer to the currently matching object in the AUT.

  • Deleting mapped objects made easier. The commands for deleting
    a mapped object with and without child objects have been merged into a single Delete
    command that prompts you to select the preferred result.

  • More detailed search/replace results. Matches found in the
    mapped object name and description are now reported separately.

You can try out these and other features by
applying for TestComplete 8 beta testing
and as always, we are happy to hear any feedback from our customers.


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