TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Importing Manual Tests
Develop | Posted April 09, 2010

TestComplete 8 makes it even easier to migrate your external manual tests into TestComplete’s Manual Software Testing feature. In earlier versions, you could import manual test instructions from external files into TestComplete’s project elements using scripts. Now, TestComplete 8 offers a special wizard that helps you import manual test instructions from text files, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents. The new wizard recognizes the hierarchy of your manual test steps in the external files and creates a manual test with the same step hierarchy, which can then be included in TestComplete testing processes.

To organize the desired step hierarchy in your files that store the manual test instructions, you can use any type of formatting. However, in order for TestComplete to be able to recognize the manual test structure without any problems, it is recommended that you adjust your test instructions according to the established formatting types:

  • You can use one level or multilevel lists to separate test steps and substeps in a file. These can be bulleted lists as well as numbered lists. For numbered lists, you can use any number style and formatting for levels. You can even mix numbers and bullets in a single multilevel list.
  • You can separate test steps using different indents for steps of different levels.
  • You can also use tables to organize the step hierarchy.
  • You can use keywords to separate the step caption, description, instructions and notes.

If you use your own formatting in files, after importing instructions, you may need to correct the manual test steps by using TestComplete’s built-in Manual Test editor. TestComplete 8 comes with sample Excel, Word and text files that demonstrate the supported formats. The closer the format of your files to these formats, the less editing you will have to perform after the import.

After you have prepared your file that lists the manual test instructions, you can import the instructions into TestComplete. To do this:

  • Select File | Import | Test from TestComplete’s main menu:

    This will call the Custom Test Wizard, where you specify the name of the manual test to be created and the name of the source file that stores the instructions to be imported:

    The Create Custom Test wizard

    That’s all you have to do! Now TestComplete is ready to import your manual tests. Click Next to begin the import. After the import is done, click Finish to close the wizard.

Then the created manual test will appear in the Project Explorer under the ManualTests node. You can view or modify test steps in the Manual Test editor.

Imported test steps

By using the new Custom Test Wizard you can quickly and easily import manual test instructions into TestComplete 8. You no longer have to write scripts that will import test instructions and the wizard reduces the amount of editing needed to import your manual tests into TestComplete.

We hope you enjoy this new improvement. If you haven’t tried TestComplete 8 yet, apply for the Beta version.


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