TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Distributed Testing Improvements
Develop | Posted March 24, 2010

In TestComplete 8, the network suite subsystem introduces a number of improvements that make creating distributed tests faster, easier and more effective:

  • User sessions on remote computers are now opened automatically.
  • You can now view the images of remote desktops in TestComplete’s UI.
  • Remote computers can be reloaded form the master project.
  • Distributed tests can be run under Windows Server operating systems.

Automating User Sessions

In order for TestComplete to be able to perform distributed testing, a user session must be opened on the remote computer. In TestComplete 8, the user sessions on remote computers are opened automatically. Now you no longer need to switch to the remote computers and login to them to open the user session nor check whether the sessions are opened before every distributed test run.

In order for TestComplete to be able to open user sessions automatically, it needs to know the user name, domain and password. Now you just specify these values in the Hosts editor and you can run them from the master:

If you want to specify the same login details for all workstations, keep the values in the Hosts editor empty and specify the domain, user name and password using the new settings in the Network Suite editor.

Network Suite editor

TestComplete uses these settings for those workstations, and you don’t have to specify the login details in the Hosts editor.

Viewing Remote Desktops

TestComplete 8 opens a Remote Desktop window for each remote computer involved in distributed testing automatically. You can view these windows in the Network Suite editor. The images are updated in real-time, so you can easily observe the test progress and the course of the network suite, job or task execution directly from your master project.

Images of Remote Desktops

Reloading Remote Computers from Master Projects

With TestComplete 8 you can easily reload remote computers involved in distributed testing from the master project directly from the Hosts editor. The editor’s context menu also contains a new Reboot item for reloading remote computers when their login information is not required.

Rebooting Slave Computers From Master PC

Running Distributed Tests On Windows Server Operating Systems

Computers with server editions of the Windows operating system can have several user sessions opened for the same account. Previous versions of TestComplete could not run distributed tests on the remote computer with several sessions opened and it was necessary to terminate all of them manually before the test started. Now, the remote computer can have multiple sessions opened for the account specified by the host properties. TestComplete is launched for distributed testing in the first suitable session.

More Distributed Testing Changes

  • Test performance on remote computers is now even more stable. The GUI tests executed on remote computers do not fail if the master project with the Remote Desktop windows opened is minimized. They still may fail if the Remote Desktop connection is disabled, but the tests that do not include interface interactions are not interrupted.
  • Tcrea.exe that was used for data exchanging among remote computers during distributed testing was removed from TestComplete and TestExecute. All of its features have been moved to a more efficient TestComplete Service.

We hope that these distributed testing improvements will help you create more effect distributed tests even faster and easier. If you are interested in trying these new features, be sure to apply for the Beta version today.


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