TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: DelphiScript Changes
Develop | Posted April 22, 2010

DelphiScript is one of the scripting languages supported by TestComplete and has been supported from the first release of the product. In TestComplete version 8 the DelphiScript engine has been re-written and improved. DelphiScript in TestComplete 8 now has some new features while several of its former restrictions have been removed.

  • Support for Unicode. DelphiScript is now Unicode-compatible. Like other supported scripting languages, it can be used for testing multi-language Unicode applications. Now you can use DelphiScript to create and record scripted tests that simulate user actions over these applications.

  • Enumeration support. Enumeration is supported by the new Enumerator function that enables the enumeration of a collection of items. This function is similar to using the for each statement in VBScript, Enumerator object in JScript, C++Script and C#Script and for each statement in Delphi 2005 and later. It returns the enumerator object that has methods for enumerating through a collection of items. You can use this new function, for example, to enumerate data returned by WMI queries.

  • Calling Routines in DOM models. In previous versions of TestComplete, the DelphiScript engine did not allow calling routines located in the tested web page when the DOM model was active. Now, DelphiScript supports calling these routines and you no longer have to change the web page object model to access the required routines.

  • No Size Limitations. Now there are no size limitations for the DelphiScript units in TestComplete. You can create and use large DelphiScript units whose size exceeds 1 Mb. Previous versions of TestComplete had a 1 Mb limitation on the unit size.

  • Changes in DelphiScript debugger. Debugging of DelphiScript routines is now more effective, however, like debugging of code written in other scripting languages, it now requires Microsoft Script Debugger or Microsoft InterDev to be installed.


We hope you’ll find these DelphiScript improvements useful and if you are interested in trying these changes and many others, apply for the TestComplete Beta.


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