TestComplete 8 Sneak Peek: Conditional Name Mapping
Develop | Posted March 30, 2010

When you create a name mapping scheme (sometimes called GUI map or object repository) for your application
under test, you specify the properties and values that uniquely identify objects in the application.
Among the new features introduced in the upcoming TestComplete 8, there are conditional expressions in name mapping.
This allows you to be more flexible with the object identification settings:

  • Define a range of possible values for an identification property using conditions like greater than,
    less than, equal, not equal and others.
  • Define multiple possible combinations of identification properties by grouping and combining them
    using the AND/OR logical operators.

The image below shows an example of conditional name mapping. Here, a file selection dialog is mapped by
its window class and caption, where the caption can have one of the following values: Open,
Browse or Select File.

For existing items in your name mapping scheme, you can activate (or disable) the extended mapping mode
using the Conditional Mode checkbox (like you see in the image above). Note that this column is hidden
by default; you add it using the Field Chooser command in the context menu.

When mapping new objects, you switch between the basic and conditional modes
using the button in the bottom-left corner of the mapping dialog box.

Object Name Mapping dialog - basic mode

Object Name Mapping dialog - conditional mode

What’s so exciting about conditional name mapping is that it enables you to create a cross-browser name mapping scheme and therefore create cross-browser tests more easily. For example, you can map Internet Explorer and Firefox to the same name, which will refer to whichever browser is currently opened.

An example of cross-browser name mapping

For more information about new features, improvements and changes in the upcoming TestComplete 8, check out our blog or follow us on Twitter.
Be sure to apply for the beta testing
to get your hands on TestComplete 8 and give it a try! Your feedback is always appreciated at AutomatedQA.

Happy testing, and stay tuned for more TestComplete 8 sneak peeks!


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