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TestComplete 8.2 Advances Testing for Adobe Flash Platform Tools and Flex
Develop | Posted February 22, 2011

Greetings everyone!

Today we announced the release of TestComplete 8.2, including new test automation for rich Internet applications (RIA) on the Adobe Flash Platform and Flex framework. With the new release, users can test Adobe applications without rebuilding or making any code changes, to get complete visibility of application objects and their properties. The whole test process just gets simpler and faster. Further, TestComplete 8.2 supports both applications built using Flex or Flash Professional with the same level of automation and object access. We are very excited about the level of test automation we are able to bring to our users with this release.

Dave Gruber, Group Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Systems, had this to say about TestComplete 8.2:

“As RIAs become more widely adopted on the web and in enterprises, developers and testers are looking for more efficient and comprehensive functional testing tools to speed up application development time, improve software quality and increase developer productivity. Using the new release of SmartBear TestComplete, developer and QA teams can strengthen the system development workflow around Flash Platform tools to support the on-time delivery of stable and reliable RIAs that meet customer expectations.”

Specific Adobe Flash and Flex support enhancements in TestComplete 8.2.

For general enhancements in TestComplete 8.2, including an enhanced Create New Project wizard, the ability to more easily add multiple objects to Name Mapping, improved Java API access, new support for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded Standard 7, and more, visit What's New in TestComplete 8.2.

Happy testing,

The SmartBear Team


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