TestComplete 8.10: Enhanced Table Variables
Develop | Posted December 13, 2010

TestComplete includes a special type of variables that help you work with the tabular data from your tests. The variables of this type (Table variables) assist you in working with the data that is stored as a two-dimensional array.

TestComplete 8.10 offers a number of improvements that concern Table variables. Let’s look at them closer:

  • Using in data-driven tests. In TestComplete 8.10, you can use Table variables as data sources for your data-driven tests. You can select a new, or create an existing, Table variable directly
    in the Data-Driven Loop operation wizard:

    You can also use this wizard to update parameters of the operations to be data-driven. For this purpose you can use columns of the desired Table variables:

    Data-Driven Loop Wizard - Update Values Page


  • Viewing the variables content is now easier. In earlier versions, if you needed to view or modify the contents of a Table variable, you had to switch to the Table variable editor. Now you can view and change the contents directly from the Keyword Test editor, as the editor displays Table variables on tabbed pages below the operations tree (one tab for each Table variable of the edited test):

    You can also view the variable’s contents in the Variables page of the Keyword Test editor. To do this, simply move your mouse pointer over the Default Value cell. The table contents will be shown in a popup window:


  • Generating test data automatically. In TestComplete 8.10, you can automatically generate Table variables’ data. This greatly simplifies creation of the data-driven tests and decreases the time spent and efforts needed to prepare test data. You just need to call the special wizard directly from TestComplete’s main menu:

    In the wizard, you specify the Table variable that will store the generated values, choose the columns to be created and their data type. (See the Simplifying Data-Driven Testing With TestComplete’s Automatic Data Generator blog that we published earlier.)

    Note that you can generate data for an entire table or for individual columns in it. To populate a column with values, open your Table variable for editing, place the insertion point into the desired column and then click the button on the toolbar:


We hope this information will help you create tests more easily. If you haven’t used TestComplete before, download and try it for free.


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