TestComplete 8.10: DLL Access Plug-In Enhancements
Develop | Posted January 18, 2011

TestComplete includes the DLL Access plug-in that lets your tests call routines located in dynamic link libraries. In TestComplete 8.10, the functionality of the DLL Access plug-in has been enhanced.

In previous versions of TestComplete, to call a DLL function from a test script, you would have had to write script statements that forms a function definition. Now, this is not longer necessary if the DLL was compiled with debug information. The DLL Access plug-in analyzes the debug information and, if possible, takes the function definition from there.

The following code snippet illustrates the line you can miss in the simplest case:

' [TestComplete VBScript]

Set Def_Environment = DLL.DefineEnvironmentByDLL("MyLib.DLL")
Set Def_DLL = Def_Environment.DefineDLL("MyLib")

' Now there is no need in this code if

' the DLL is compiled with debug information

Call Def_Dll.DefineProc("MyFunc", vt_lpstr, vt_lpstr, vt_i4)

Set Lib = Def_Environment.Load("C:MyLib.DLL", MyLib)

If your test script includes the code that creates a function definition, this definition will overwrite the one which the plug-in gets from the debug information.

We hope you like this improvement enhancement and it will help you to create tests faster.


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