Test Management and Release Management Simplified - ALMComplete 2011
Develop | Posted October 04, 2011

Our users know that we build software for developers, testers and IT operations people to help them get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. Our priority has always been to make our users happy by giving them the features and usability that make their jobs easier. And the positive result for the employers of our users? Better value and happy employees. So everybody wins!

This release is no exception. We've packed a host of great features into ALMComplete (and QAComplete) to make your job easier. And we've received tons of positive feedback from our beta users telling us how much they like it. I'm pleased to say that no matter what methodology your development team prefers - agile, non-agile, or waterfall - ALMComplete supports it.

That's why I'm so proud to announce ALMComplete 2011 - a knock-out application for QA, development and project management teams. I really think you'll love this release!

Take a quick tour and learn What's New in ALMComplete.

Our major goal with ALMComplete 2011 was to give users better control over test management activities and streamline traceability with new release management. To do this, we focused on four areas we knew would give users the most impact: Test Management, Release Management, Team Task Boards, and more reports in requested formats. So let's dig in!

Test Management

The new Test Management module improves visibility and control over all testing assets and helps QA testers get more testing done faster. Users can drill into detail quickly from the top-level view. Take a closer look at how you can manage all your testing from one place.

Test Management

The new centralized, test library lets users store and reuse tests easily. You'll save a boat-load of time by repurposing tests you've already created and applying them quickly across test sets and releases.

Click here to read more about advanced Test Management or watch our Test Management video demonstration.

A big change that beta users loved is that QA testers can now control tests at the test step-level using dynamic test step-level management. Now you can see your results as tests are executing and change test steps midstream.

Click here to learn more about dynamic test step-level management.

Release Management

The new Release Management module enables development and QA teams to link artifacts, requirements, tests, and defects to individual releases, builds, and sprints. Developers and QA teams can save substantial time and effort by viewing all their release information from a central location and drilling into detail quickly. They'll also appreciate getting absolute traceability from requirements to release and back again.

Release Management sprint

Click here to learn more about Release Management.

Team Task Boards

We all know that collaboration and communication can help you decrease your development cycles and deliver quality software faster. So ALMComplete 2011 gives deeper insight to help you get more done. Developers and managers can now view tasks by member or across teams in a central display and promote Agile Stand Ups. Knowing what your colleagues are working on can help you prioritize requirements, manage dependencies, and course-correct faster when requirements change.

Click here to watch a video: How ALMComplete helps you Manage Agile Tasks.

Task Board

More Dashboards and Reports

A new test run engine promotes better analytics and allows you to slice and dice your data in whatever way works best. More dashboards and reports improve insight and comprehension for everyone. You can select from a variety of formats (charts, graphs, Gnatt charts) and meet executive reporting requirements in the blink of an eye.

Impressed by what you see? Take a test drive today. Click here to try ALMComplete 2011 free for 30 days!


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