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Develop | Posted March 18, 2011

Done Wrong

Woo hoo! Our new online community for software developers, testers, and other software quality assurance and IT professionals, Software Quality Connection, is officially ready.

It’s a new place to share expert opinion, educational articles, and peer-to-peer conversations from active software development, testing and IT practitioners in the trenches – those on the front lines working to improve the quality of their software and IT systems from the bottom up – and from software industry experts and thought leaders whom you may already know.

There is something for everyone interested in software quality – no matter if you are more on the development, testing, operational or business side. We have a soapbox for people who have a good argument to make and different topic categories for Programming, Quality, Process, Business (which includes Business & IT Career Issues) and the latest Buzz for those “Best of the Web” articles we think worthy of sharing (and sometimes chuckling at).

Just a few of the already popular opinion pieces and articles include:

Done Wrong

We also have a bunch of funny cartoons about software quality – take a look and jump into the discussion. You can even win T-shirts with a cartoon printed on it.

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Learn, Share and Laugh your way to improved software quality at today!


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