SmartBear in Stockholm: The 2018 Nordic APIs Platform Summit
Develop | Posted October 19, 2018

SmartBear returns for another year to sponsor the Nordic APIs Platform Summit next week, from October 22nd - 24th in Stockholm!

This is a fun three-day event, jam-packed with workshops and critical insights and discussion points on exploring the API universe, which features top API speakers from across the world! As we reach universal standardization through API-based communication, discover the standards and best practices that are relevant today and that will propel web API practice into the future.

The 2018 Platform Summit will have three parallel tracks, both on the tech and business side of APIs, with sessions covering API Insights like: API Platforms, API Strategy, API Marketing, API Business Models, API Security, and API Design. With 400+ attendees,  5 different half-day workshops, a vast array of speaking sessions and lightning demos; the 2018 summit is gearing up to be highly eventful!


Here at SmartBear, we love APIs, and are looking forward to connecting and learning from the local and visiting API community in Stockholm , and showcasing our API tools like SwaggerHub and Swagger Inspector for designing, documenting, and developing APIs, SoapUI Pro and ServiceV for testing and virtualizing APIs, and Alertsite for API monitoring.  

If you’re heading to the event, make sure to stop by the SmartBear booth to meet the team, pick up a T-shirt, and enter to win our free drawing for a Star Wars Battle Quadcopter drone. If you’re already using tools like Swagger and SoapUI, we’d love to hear from you and help answer any questions in person.  

In addition to sponsoring the event, members of the SmartBear team will also be taking the stage to share their expertise and showcase some of our API solutions. Here’s a look at what we have planned for the event: 

Accelerating API Development, Testing and Delivery with API Virtualisation

October 23rd at 14.40pm: C10

Accelerating API Development, Testing and Delivery with API Virtualisation In an ideal world, API development, testing, and operations teams always work together in perfect synchrony, delivering high-quality APIs on schedule, under budget and completely error-free. But as applications and micro-service architectures increase in complexity, teams often struggle to maintain velocity without tripping over functional dependencies and unwanted behaviours within their solutions. API Virtualisation is an increasingly popular approach for speeding release cycles by developing and testing in parallel. Additionally, API virtualisation enables teams to overcome 3rd party downtime, rate limits and overage fees by removing those dependencies. Learn more here.

The Big Business of APIs

October 24th at 10.50am: C10

While APIs are on the cutting edge of modern computing, they are just now hitting the maturity level of many other “systems” in everyday Enterprises: becoming a “Business Unit”. This means that they are no longer confined to the coding dungeons of past, affecting only the engineering teams and maybe, at a forward-thinking company, the product teams. APIs are now fully represented by Marketing, Sales, Finance, Ops – nearly everyone has a hand in their success today. This creates challenges that are not present in traditional applications and software(different pricing schemes, developer marketing prevalence, ecosystem and community building). Learn more here.

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