SmartBear Connect Session Recap: Modernizing the Enterprise API
Develop | Posted January 02, 2019

Ready for another SmartBear Connect session recap? This time we’re taking a look at “Modernizing the Enterprise API Development Process” from Travis Koenig, Senior Director of App Exchange at RealPage.

In this session, Travis reviews the journey that RealPage is taking, moving from a large monolithic structure to microservices. He walks through some challenges the team faced in trying to speed up the push to production, creating a common space for communication and supporting different tech stacks/skills. SwaggerHub became a focal point as a solution to help them work towards their digital transformation goals.

In a perfect world, microservices should have a small codebase, own their own data, be independently deployable and testable, and fully decoupled. In practice, however, getting to this point is much easier said than done.

Travis and his team focused on implementing microservices using a pragmatic approach, allowing them to make steady progress without having to refactor again and again. SwaggerHub was the tool they chose to help them develop with an API design-first mindset, rather than code-first mindset. Watch the recording to learn more about how his team is approaching this process, as well as a demonstration of how quickly they can tie a newly-designed API into a gateway system like Kong.

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