SmartBear adds Image Validation to AlertSite Web performance monitoring tool
Develop | Posted October 05, 2011

Recognizing that so many websites today are built in part or entirely in Flash, we sought a way to help developers (and those responsible for their Web properties) determine whether the Flash or other images on their site are being displayed to website visitors as anticipated. The result is Image Validation, available now to all AlertSite Website performance monitoring customers.

Image validation is really easy to use. For those of you familiar with Keyword Validation, the concept is similar. Here's how it works:

1. Download ImageMagick.

2. While recording your script, click the validation icon in your toolbar to open the validation bar. Select "Image" from the drop-down menu. The window will shade dark gray and a light box will appear on the screen.

3. Use your mouse cursor to draft and resize the light box around the image you want to validate.

4. Click the "Add" button in the validation bar, give the component a name, and click OK. The tool saves this image and on playback, automatically compares the corresponding area of the page to the saved image to validate it.

Following these simple steps will allow you to see if the featured content is loading and appearing for users as intended. For sites built entirely in Flash, Image Validation offers a way to confirm that visitors are on the correct page.


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