SmartBear Acquires AlertSite a Global Leader in Web Performance Monitoring
Develop | Posted April 04, 2011

We would like to share some more exciting news with you.

The SmartBear family is growing! SmartBear recently acquired AlertSite®, a global leader in web and mobile performance monitoring. The addition of AlertSite rounds out SmartBear’s vision of enabling quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

The addition of AlertSite significantly expands our cloud and mobile offering and will benefit all SmartBear customers by allowing you to not only drive quality from development and testing of websites and applications, but now also assure their continued performance after they are deployed. AlertSite web performance monitoring solutions are used by 2,300 companies across over 10,000 websites and include availability testing, performance optimization, and business transaction monitoring.

If you haven’t yet seen the news release, here is what Joe Krivickas, SmartBear CEO, had to say:

“AlertSite’s cloud-based solutions for web and mobile performance monitoring are a great addition to our existing development and testing tools. We are realizing our vision to unite operational performance with quality assurance and development, ensuring quality across the entire lifecycle of an application or website. We are excited to welcome all AlertSite customers and employees to the SmartBear family and truly enable quality anywhere – on the desktop, mobile and the cloud.”

Ken Godskind, Chief Strategy Officer, AlertSite, wanted to share a few words with you as well:

“I am extremely excited to be joining the SmartBear team and am confident that the additional management talent and resources will help us deliver more meaningful product to our customers faster.”

Want to learn more how the AlertSite acquisition may benefit you? Contact us or check out the AlertSite web and mobile performance monitoring product line.

Best Regards,

The SmartBear Team


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