Smart Bears Become Reasonable Moose
Develop | Posted April 01, 2010

Smart Bear Software announced a company name change effective April 1, 2010. The new company name is Reasonable Moose Software. "The original Smart Bear name was great, but we felt strongly it was time to give another large mammal some time in the limelight," said Lisa Wells, Vice President of Marketing.

The name of Smart Bear's award-winning peer code review tool, Code Collaborator will not be changed.  "We will reassess that option next year at this same time," said Senior Product Manager Gregg Sporar.

Company founder Jason Cohen stated that, "While I have always felt that being a 'smart bear' makes all the difference, Reasonable Moose was actually my first choice for a company name. Unfortunately, the domain name was not available until recently, so the time is finally right for the best company name."

A key component of the change will be retirement of the company mascot, a large glasses-wearing panda bear. Head bear suit model Roy Paterson was enthusiastic: "The panda bear costume was great at conferences and kid's birthday parties, but it was getting kind of gamey. I'm looking forward to using a two-person full-size moose costume. In fact, I've already called dibs on the back end, so now my friends can be accurate when they call me a moose's ass."

Redmonk Industry Analyst Michael Cote noted, "The immediate benefit is the cross-marketing opportunity with Moosehead Breweries, maker of Moosehead Lager.  But the name change does come with some risk - the company has considerable equity in the Smart Bear brand.  Our research has shown, however, that when searching for development tools, software developers overwhelmingly prefer moose over bears, so this change should really pay off in the long run."


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