Smart Bears: A Bird's Best Friend
Develop | Posted March 23, 2009

Smart Bear moved into its current offices in October of 2008. I never saw the old office, but it was apparently kind of dreary since it had no windows.

The current offices don't have that problem - plenty of windows let in the sunlight. There are quite a few trees near the building so the bird watching is also good.

That sparked an idea in Will and Roy: put a bird feeder right outside the window of their shared office so that they could get a really good look at the blue jays, cardinals, etc.

So they rigged up a bird feeder that would hang outside their window by a rope from the roof of the building. The building maintenance staff was not in favor of that idea and took the bird feeder down.

Undeterred (and with a large amount of bird food they wanted to use), they had to come up with a Plan B. How could they feed the birds without attaching something to the building?

Several ideas were considered and rejected, including a small blimp that would hover outside their window with a bird feeder attached. SbBlimp
I'm bummed they didn't go for that; it would have been cool, especially if we could have put the company logo on it.

They ultimately decided to sprinkle bird seed on the outer window sill. To pull this off, however, they needed a bird seed distribution device.

Necessity being the mother of invention, they used tie-wraps to attach a piece of stiff paper to the end of a long pole.

The tricky part involves using the pole - their outer window sill is quite a ways from our outside seating area. Luckily for the birds, Will is tall enough to reach the window with only a slight stretch.

A typical deployment is shown below, followed by a photo of a happy bird.










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