Should the Quality Engineer be Invited to the Code Review?
Develop | Posted February 26, 2010

I did a presentation for the Houston Java User Group on February 24 - FWIW, the slides are the same as my presentation at Agile Austin.

During the Q & A, one of the attendees asked: "Should the Quality Engineer be invited to the code review?"  He went on to describe how the answer had been debated somewhat heatedly in his organization and he was curious to know my opinion.

If the review is going to include some sort of requirements document or use case description or anything of that sort, then my answer is "yes."  Further, it might be useful to have a Quality Engineer in on a review of design or architecture documents.

But if the review consists strictly of the implementation code, then I would vote "no."

Please leave a comment if you disagree - or if you want, even if you agree.  :-)


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