Save our Bears and Win a Stuffed Bear!
Develop | Posted April 21, 2009

Even though we have nothing to do with actual bears, working in a
company called Smart
Bear causes us to develop a natural
love for them.  Stuffed, robotic, or real, bears are just plain
awesome.  So, when we found out that the
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) had a program where you could
adopt a species of bears, we growled with excitement!

The Species Adoption program is a donation program that lets you choose a
symbolic species to sponsor.  You choose from over 90 species of animals
to “adopt,” and your money goes to protecting these animals from threatening
conditions such as habitat loss and illegal hunting.  

Our first adopted animal was the panda bear, which is
on the verge of extinction with its approximate population count at only 2,000
wild pandas.  Its main threat to
extinction is deforestation, which deeply affects its habitat and food
supply.  WWF also supports a variety of other endangered bears, including grizzlies,
polar bears, and koalas.  Or, if you’re
not into bears, you can sponsor a Darwin’s fox, a lynx, an emperor tamarin, or
your favorite animal. Some of the adoption packages come with a stuffed animal,
so they make great gifts too!  

Read more about the program here, and help save the animals for our own bear cubs.

If you want to help save the animals, post a comment below with your favorite v5.0 (or v4.0) Code Collaborator feature!  We'll select a random person in two weeks as the winner.  If you win, we'll sponsor an adoption package for the animal of your choice in your name.  You'll get a stuffed animal, and you'll feel good knowing that you helped WWF in their efforts.  Be sure to include your email address in the form when you put in your comment, so we can contact you if you've won!


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