Replay Now Available: Code Collaborator v6.0 Features Webinar
Develop | Posted June 17, 2010

I've had several requests for this, so I'm going to mention it here on the blog.  Yesterday's webinar where I showed some of the new features in Code Collaborator v6.0 is now available for replay.  You can watch it here or download a .zip file for offline viewing here.

I've updated our webinar page - it's currently the first entry in the "Replay" section.

Since not everyone is interested in every new feature, I put together a time breakdown so that you can skip around to just the demos that are of interest to you:

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (00:48) Review Microsoft Office documents
  • (05:44) Zoom control and comment labels
  • (09:19) Create a review or add files to a review from Visual Studio
  • (13:00) Perform a review from within Eclipse
  • (21:30) Defects visually distinct from comments
  • (23:43) Redact comments
  • (26:21) Compare to latest Accepted version
  • (31:38) User oriented reports
  • (35:15) Per-participant custom fields
  • (37:12) Customizing the word for "defect"
  • (38:20) Additional resources
  • (40:33) Q & A

Additional information about v6.0 is available here.


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