Ready For Rational
Develop | Posted August 12, 2009

We're proud of the support our code review tool provides for so many different version control systems - 14 and growing - the list is here. It takes more, however, than just breadth. The depth of the integrations we provide is also important. And while we don't have the same depth of integration across all 14, we aim to provide support for the most common features in each.

Feature sets vary across all those different tools and when you want to create a code review based on an artifact in your version control system we want Code Collaborator to understand that artifact: local changes, committed changes, specific versions, arbitrary diffs, changesets/changelists, activities, jobs, streams, transactions, etc.

One of the more extensive integrations we provide is for Rational ClearCase. Smart Bear has had customers using ClearCase for several years now and they've taught us what matters to them in a code review tool. As a result, Code Collaborator works well with both "base" ClearCase and ClearCase UCM.

We put that to the test by signing up for IBM's Ready for IBM Rational program. It essentially consists of a lengthy questionnaire and then a live demo; the goal is to show IBM's engineers that a product integrates correctly with Rational software and provides sufficient functionality.

I am happy to report that a couple of weeks ago I got an email from IBM's Senior Manager of Technical Enablement reporting that Code Collaborator's integration with ClearCase "... met the requirements for the IBM
Software Delivery Platform - Software Development Lifecycle level of the
program, giving Smart Bear their first Ready for Rational software validated solution."

We always knew we had good integration with ClearCase - now even IBM has acknowledged it.  :-)


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