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Develop | Posted November 16, 2010

One high priority for us here in the Bear Cave is excellent support for SCM tools. As IBM announces Rational Team Concert V3 today, we’re happy to report that we’re already Ready for Rational Software-validated for the new version 3, in addition to our existing validations for RTC V2 and for IBM Rational ClearCase and Synergy.

With CodeCollaborator v6.0, we introduced the ability to do code review without ever leaving the RTC environment. In fact, CodeCollaborator is the only code review tool that’s integrated directly into the RTC workflow for pain-free, efficient code review.

The CodeCollaborator and IBM Rational Team Concert integrated solution:

Code review time 4
  • Seamlessly submits code to CodeCollaborator using the Work Item capability in RTC (such as changing the state of Work Items to a state that automatically initiates code review in CodeCollaborator).
  • Enables customers to augment the development process with CodeCollaborator's review tool, making it easy for appropriate reviewers to approve Change Sets associated with Work Items before approval.
  • Is easy to deploy – simply install on the IBM Rational Team Concert server.
  • Helps teams review code in 1/5th the time needed for formal code reviews.
  • Provides the ability to automatically assign reviewers in CodeCollaborator based on the Approvers listed in the Work Item.

IBM is thrilled to be able to offer RTC users the ability to review code within the IDE. “CodeCollaborator provides significant value by leveraging the unique workflow in Rational Team Concert. This level of integration is what customers will look for and will make SmartBear one of the leading Rational Team Concert integrations. We expect CodeCollaborator to become an organic part of the way customers use Rational Team Concert,” volunteered Michael Loria, Vice President for IBM Rational Business Development.

If you’re using RTC – or thinking about it – learn more at or download CodeCollaborator FREE and get started!


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