improves vision of website performance with AlertSite DéjàClick
Develop | Posted August 26, 2010, the world's largest online reading glasses store, offers customers hundreds of designer options to improve their eyesight. We're proud to say that when the company needed to improve its own vision and ensure it was delivering a reliable and valuable Web experience to users, it turned to AlertSite for our one-of-a-kind Web performance monitoring solutions.


For over a year now, has been using DéjàClick to record and test customer click streams so that customers could browse products, add items to their shopping carts, and check out without a hitch. For Jason Kyle, the company's e-commerce director, one of the solution's most valuable features is the instant error notifications. Every time an error occurs on his site, or response times fall below predetermined thresholds, Kyle receives an instant phone alert, enabling him to quickly address the issue. As a result, has been able to avoid nearly all outages or major slow-downs.


In the full-length case study, which is now available, Kyle describes one particular instance in which real-time notifications alerted him to a situation on his website that could have had devastating results. Thanks to the alert, Kyle discovered the problem and took action to address it before it could further cripple his site or lead to customer complaints and potential lost revenue.


For the full story, click on the case study below. Also, visit our InfoCenter to find mores stories of how leading Web companies improved their Web performance with AlertSite.





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