PuttyFest 2010 (April 1, 2010)
Develop | Posted April 08, 2010

When Lisa caBrandon and Willme up to me and said, "We should do something fun for April Fools day," my initial reaction was, "Yeah, we should get someone real good. Saran wrap their cars! Put a bucket of glittered confetti over their doors! Write them mean emails!" Apparently, I have a deep hidden evil side, because Lisa, the nicer one, was thinking about something along the lines of having a putty-party (not to be confused with a pity-party). "Hey, that works too," I thought. Who could shoot down a party idea? So instead of pointing and laughing at one of the bears, we decided to have a session of good spirited laughs and group bonding time at the expense of no-one. Well, ok, someone paid – our daily lunch budget expanded a bit to cover Amy’s ice cream and fixin’s for all.

Smart Bear Tin So what’s a putty-party? It’s a competition to see who can make the coolest putty sculpture! We've had tins of Thinking Putty SWAG around the office for some time to give out as thanks to bloggers and customers who referred us to other people, and I'm pretty sure we kept some for us to selfishly play with. It’s like Silly Putty, but better: ours is blue and sparkly and comes in our own special Smart Bear tin.p It's been a while since most adults played around with putty, and if you're one of them, you might not think it’s anything special. But if you've recently had a chance to have putty in your hand, you know how addictive they are. You could do tons of things with them. Thinking about a tough problem? Roll some putty in your hand to get those creative currents flowing. Trying to bulk up your forearms? Squeeze some putty in 3 reps of 20. Mad at a co-worker? Throw a ball of putty at them, and start a putty fight.p (We've done all of these. Just keep it out of your hair.) Needless to say, putty is a blast.

PJ with ice cream Come April 1st, we grabbed some putty tins, picked up some beer-flavored (Shiner and root) ice cream from Amy's, and had a blast. In case you're wondering, PJ (posing on the left) and Will (above with Brandon) won the contest. Join in on the fun, and take a look at our gallery to see our artistic creations!


If you’re interested in getting
some putty into your own
hands, here’s how: just attend a Code Collaborator webinar
between now
and May 30, and we’ll send you a pair of putty tins of your own.

Feel free to tell a buddy about this offer,
and if you’ve
used Code Collaborator, let them know how you like it! And if you
introduce us
to them directly, we’ll send you some putty too! Send email to sales@smartbear.com
for details.



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